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Want to be a Sunkissed Sister?



Hi! We're Candise and Erin, the organizers of The Sunkissed Sisterhood Community. ​We created this community because we noticed that while there is an abundance of accessible information out there on health, diet, and wellness, there is a lack of community amongst bad ass health minded sisters! We've created this community to be a foundation of growth and wellness for you. In addition having access to a thriving and supportive community forum, you'll also have unlimited access to our yoga, fitness, and informational videos, regular blog posts on all topics related to health, and resources to further your education through websites, books, movies, etc. 

We are thrilled that you've chosen to be a part of The Sunkissed Sisterhood and look forward to getting to know each and every one of you! 

With love and sunshine, 

Erin and Candise

As a sunkissed sister, you will have access to a variety of yoga videos from quickies to full length classes for all levels of experience and abilities. 


You will also have access to a wide range of fitness classes from home to gym workouts for beginners to advanced athletes. 


We will be sharing all of our favorite vegan and raw vegan recipes to nourish your body and soul. From the simplest 5 minute recipes, to more involved gourmet dishes and everything in between! 

Educational articles on all topics health related - yoga, fitness, diet, emotional and mental health, spirituality, travel, happiness and more!

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Get your questions answered, give and receive support, stay accountable, and make lifelong friends and connections on our members only community forum.  A space where we can begin to explore our deepest calling.